After 40 years of ballet classes with many Bay Area instructors , I can say that Yu Xin is one of the most dedicated, competent and qualified teachers I have ever worked with. His teaching emphasizes strength, beautiful line and the joy of
dancing. He is especially attuned to the needs of adult and beginning students,in whom he inspires self-confidence by providing a solid technical base and an appreciation of dance.
...Virginia Sperling
Yu Xin has an amazing ability to adjust lessons to suit the needs and abilities of his students. I have learned more from him in two years than I learned in eight years from my previous instructors. Yu Xin is kind, patient, absolutely professional, and very skilled both as a dancer and a teacher. He demands precision and insists on a solid grounding in the basics to build confidence and to provide a foundation for more advanced skills development. At the same time, he makes classes flexible and fun, encouraging relaxation and joy in movement. There could be no better ballet teacher anywhere!
... Joan Rogers
Attorney, Santa Clara