Registration Fee:

The registration fee is $50.00 for each student.  However, for returning student a $50 registration fee can be waived upon receiving $100.00 deposit before the end of the previous  semester. Registration fee is not refundable. A $50.00 reinstate fee is required for re-enrollment.



$100.00 deposit is required to be paid at the end of the semester in order to hold class spot for the upcoming semester.  The deposit will not be refund.  Upon on receiving the deposit, a $50 registration fee will be waived for the upcoming semester.


Payment Options:















Payment and Policy

Fall and Winter Season A
Fall and Winter Season B
Spring and Performance Season A
Spring and Performance Season B
1 hour Class
1.5 hour Class
2 hour Class
3 hour Class
4 hour Class
6 hour Class
8 hour Class
Late Payment:

All season payment plan: payment is due at the beginning of week 1
Fall and Winter payment plan: the first payment is due at the beginning of week 1,
the second payment is due the week of 11/10/2020-11/13/2020
Spring and Performance payment plan: the first payment is due at the beginning of week 1, the second payment if due the week of 4/4/2020
Students will not be permitted in class while an installment remains unpaid unless prior arrangements have been made. $25.00 will be charged for any late payment.  

Sibling Discounts:
Families who register more than one student will receive 10% off each additional child’s tuition.

Tuition Refund:
Please make sure that you understand school policy before you make any payment commitment.  Once the payment is received, there will be no refund or changes for the payment plan.  With school permission, refund credits will be offered to redeem classes (group or private) within 12 months after receiving the payment.

Make-up Classes:
Winter and Fall/ Spring and Performance: two makeup class (for Pre-Ballet to Level 2 classes);
All Season : three makeup classes. (for Pre-Ballet to Level 2 classes)
Winter and Fall/ Spring and Performance: three make up classes (for Level 3 and up classes);
All Season : Five makeup classes. (for level 3 and up)
Make-up classes can be scheduled by email.  Please email us the date you will miss the class and the date you would like to make up one week ahead of time.

Mandatory Calsses:
Twice a week two-hour lessons are required for Level 3 and above students.  

For any return checks or void checks, a $25 fee will be charged.  
Any promotion will only work for first time students.